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The Master in Bioinformatics includes one year of full-time studies (October-July). All the classes are given during the first semester at the Faculty of Biosciences. During the second semester students perform their master’s project either at the University or at external institutions.

The first semester requires that the students are devoted full-time to studies. Theoretical and practical classes are given in the mornings at the Bioinformatic’s Lab and in the afternoons, students can remain in the Lab in order to do some practical exercises, solve problems and/or undertake other activities without supervision.

All the academic modules (listed below) are sequential.

Module 1: Programming in Bioinformatics
Module 2: Core Bioinformatics
Module 3: Genomics
Module 4: Structure and Function of Protein and Drug Design modules
Module 5: High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics

At the end of each module, students will have free time to study and prepare the exam.

During the second semester, students carry out their professional practice and their master project. Each student, with the agreement of his/her supervisor, can decide when to present the Master’s Thesis within the established calendar.






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MSc in Bioinformatics
Master in Bioinformatics
Faculty Biosciences, University Autonoma Barcelona (UAB)

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