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The MSc in Bioinformatics has been designed to create experienced and leaders professionals of Bioinformatics, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the development and implementation of the new computation strategies in bioinformatics research projects, biomedicine and biotechnology.

At the end of the master's degree, the students will have acquired a solid theoretical and practical training in bioinformatics and will be ready to face successfully the wide range of jobs opportunities of a growing labor market, spanning activities in research centers, companies and agencies that apply bioinformatics as a key element to boost the Research+Development. Students who take this master will get the following skills and abilities:

  • Understanding the molecular bases and the throughput technologies used in the Omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, interactomics,...), as well as, applying the tools and informatics resources commonly used in Bioinformatics.
  • Analyzing and interpreting with bioinformatics tools the data arising from the Omics.
  • Proposing innovative bioinformatics solutions to research problems and challenges posed by the Omics and system biology research.
  • Identifying the needs of bioinformatics in research centers and companies working in the sector of biotechnology and biomedicine.
  • Conceiving, designing, managing and developing scientific, technological or industrial projects in Bioinformatics being able to interpret and extract knowledge of them. 


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MSc in Bioinformatics
Master in Bioinformatics
Faculty Biosciences, University Autonoma Barcelona (UAB)

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MSc in Bioinformatics 

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