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Student profile

The Master of Bioinformatics is aimed at graduate students in sciences of life or health sciences, as well as in the fields of mathematics, engineering or physics, who are highly motivated and interested for the intersection among biology, computer sciences and statistics, and having a pro-active and resolutive mind. The master is suitable for students who want to pursue research and teaching of bioinformatics, as well as people who want to work in applied fields: genomics, biomedicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agrigenomics and biological evolution, among others.

The degree is suitable for new or recent graduates, as well as for experienced professionals who want to acquire a specialization in bioinformatics to develop further their career in the biomedical sector.


To be admitted to the master's degree you must hold an official university qualification valid for admission to master's degree courses in the country in which it was obtained. Prospective students for enrolling in the master must have an university degree, preferably in Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Computer engineering   or other similar areas related to sciences, health sciences and engineering.  

It is recommended that applicants have a Level B2 of English or equivalent. Applicants who do not provide an official language certificate will be interviewed in English by the admissions committee during the selection process.

Graduates with little  or no prior training in the field of biosciences will be required to take an additional module in Molecular Biology in Bioinformatics during their first semester. This additional training course includes various aspects of biology and at the same time offers a joint perspective on different bioscience areas: molecular sciences, genetics, cell biology, laboratory techniques, etc.

Selection Criteria
The following aspects will be taken into consideration:

Selection criteria


Student record


Personal interview 


Professional experience 


Suitability of the candidate's profile to the objectives and contents of the master's program  


Papers published


Recommendation letters (professional or academical)


Cover letter


The admissions committee will admit those candidates who meet all aforementioned requirements and who obtain a total of 60 or more points in the selection criteria. If there are more candidates than places available, admission will be strictly based on the points obtained. 

Admission Request

To apply for admission on on-line pre-registration application you must submit the following documents:

Documentation required:

    • Transcripts of your academic records of the university studies
    • Degree (if already completed studies)
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Motivation letter

Optional Documentation:

    • English level certificate
    • Recommendation letter (may be more than one). The person that writes the letter can send it directly to
    • Publications / projects

If part of this documentation is lacking by the deadline, or if you want to change the information submitted, it can be possible to send documentation to


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MSc in Bioinformatics
Master in Bioinformatics
Faculty Biosciences, University Autonoma Barcelona (UAB)

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